Sean posing in front of the Parliament in Ottawa Sean Floyd

Software Engineer

My interests currently include machine learning research and software engineering.

Started working on a Ruby gem: still_active
 November 2021 (current)

Started working on a Ruby gem to help determine if your dependencies are still under active development by using the RubyGems API (latest release date) and last commit (using the GitHub API).
 GitHub Repository

Ruby RSpec Git Github Actions RubyGems
Software Engineer @ Hivebrite
 August 2020 (current)

Relocated to Paris, France.

Ruby Rails Elasticsearch Sidekiq Go React JS RSpec Cucumber Docker Semaphore CI Git SQL TDD
Travel around the world
 June 2019 to March 2020

Travelled Europe and Asia for 9 continuous months until the COVID-19 pandemic forced me to return earlier than planned.

Paper published @ nfMCP 2019
 September 2019

Published a paper, titled "Learning from Evolving Streams via Self-Training Windowing Ensembles", that resulted from my masters thesis at the New Frontiers in Mining Complex Patterns conference.

Graduated M.Sc. in Computer Science
 June 2019

CGPA: 9.8/10

Courses taken:

  • Data Mining and Concept Learning
  • Distributed Databases and Transaction Processing
  • Database Analysis and Design
  • Principles of Distributed Computing

Corrector @ the University of Ottawa
 January to May 2018

Correcting assignments, midterm and final project for the Intro to Data Science Course (CSI 4142). Will be presenting up to two lectures.

Paper published @ IEEE ICMLA 2017
 December 2017

Published a paper, titled "An Exploratory Study of Oral and Dental Health in Canada", that resulted from a graduate level course project.

Graduated Hons B.Sc. Computer Science (CO-OP)
 December 2016

CGPA: 8.4/10 (3.7/4)

4th year electives included:

  • Information Retrieval and the Internet
  • Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
  • Methods in Image Processing
  • Real-Time Systems Design

Full-Stack Engineer @ Teldio
 May to August 2016

Developed new features, maintained code, fixed bugs, reviewed code and participated in testing.

Ruby Rails JavaScript CoffeeScript Backbone Marionette jQuery SCSS SQL Git
Software Engineer @ House of Commons
 September to December 2015

Designed, architected, and developed a web service to integrate with the parliament's financial system as well as an interactive phishing quiz.

VB.NET SQL WCF JavaScript knockout.js Kendo UI jQuery CSS .htx files MS Access SSRS TDD
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Countries I've lived in: Canada, Germany, Morocco, South Korea, USA